Blitz Speed Pty Ltd t/as Advan Performance

– Terms of Trade


By requesting work to be performed by Advan Performance, I acknowledge I am bound by the terms and conditions following:

I, the customer, hereby give Advan Performance authority to carry out the desired work and repairs to the vehicle as listed at my own cost. I acknowledge, agree and/or understand that: -

 (a) I will not hold Advan Performance responsible for any damage, liability arising or injury caused by any service conducted or performance enhancing components or work, which Advan Performance fits, supplies or installs to my vehicle.

(b) The work, which I have authorised, may affect my insurance policy as well as legality of the vehicle for normal road use. This includes EPA requirements for noise and emissions, Affect any manufacturer's warranty that might otherwise be applicable to the vehicle. Advan is not responsible for any breaches incurred as a result of work performed.

(c) The vehicle may be driven for testing, to move it to another workshop or for any purpose incidental to the repair thereof.

(d) Advan Performance will not be responsible for the loss or damage to the vehicle, its accessories or contents howsoever caused unless arising from negligence on the part of Advan Performance or its duly authorised agents, servants and employees.

(e) Subject to the provisions of any statute, any claim for faulty workmanship shall be limited solely to the rectification, free of cost, of the faulty work. No claim or loss consequential or otherwise will be admissible.

(f) Payment for work shall be made at the time that the vehicle is returned to me. Failing to finalise and complete payment Advan Performance shall be entitled to exercise a lien over the vehicle, its accessories or contents, and/or any parts installed by Advan Performance to the vehicle.

(g) Advan Performance will be entitled to reasonable storage charges (of $25.00 per day) if I fail to take delivery of the vehicle within 2 days after notification that the repairs have been completed.



(h) Should I fail to take delivery of my vehicle or any parts thereof in the possession of Advan within 6 weeks of notice of request to collect then Advan may dispose of such goods in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1995.

(i) I additionally understand that any engine, transmission or suspension (or related) failure or damage occurring whilst my vehicle is driven or tested on the “Dyno” is entirely at my own risk, I also understand that engine and gear failure is possible whilst “Dyno tuning” my car.

(j) Warranty is void if you have not adhered to the manufacturer's service schedule.

(k) Warranty is void if you have used the vehicle in any type of motorsport, track day or race style event.

(l) Warranty is void if modifications have been performed on the vehicle, since the initial work was undertaken at Advan Performance.

(m) Warranty is void if all works undertaken on the car are not performed by a licensed mechanical workshop.

Nothing herein shall exclude, restrict or modify any conditions or warranties, which may be implied herein by virtue of the new Australian Consumer Law (ACL), or otherwise where such purported exclusion, restriction or modification would render any provision hereof void. 

I also understand that in the event of any damage or the theft of my car, unless negligent, I will claim on my personal insurance at my expense.

Where I am not the owner of the vehicle:

  1. I warrant that I am authorised to act as the agent of the owner and to bind the owner, and

  2.  (II) The owner and I are jointly and severally bound to these terms of trade.

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