At Advan, we offer a range of services for every type of owner - from a simple service, repair or performace upgrade. We have been the pioneers and have designed many custom modifications that you can view in our Products Page. We stand behind all the work that we carry out, and have earnt our reputation in the market with our vast knowledge and professionalism. Come have a chat to us today!

At Advan we only use genuine OEM parts and are an authorised service centre that offer log book servicing for your new car warranty.  We have an Autologic machine to read and update your BMW's onboard computer to perform diagnostics and make sure eveything is up to date. We are upfront with all the work we do, and will give the honest advice that our customers come to us for. There is no job too big or small for us at Advan Performance.

We can cater to any modification roadmap you have, with regards to the performance level of your BMW. Whether you are interested in a basic upgrade path for "Spirited Street" use, a 350 rwkW circuit race car to a 450+ rwkW quarter mile monster, that requires a "built" engine, no undertaking is too difficult, or project too large for Advan. With our in house dyno, we can tune and provide before and after results with every modification upgrade.

Advan work with all the major suspension brands in delivering the right 'drive & feel' for our clients needs - From coilovers, sway bars, camber arms and complete suspension retrofits (our shop 335i is fitted with the M3 rear subframe). We can organise and recommend street and track setups depending on your requirements, with the ultimate goal of keeping your car planted and balanced through corners and eliminating body roll.

Modern direct Injected engines injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder, and not in the intake tract. Whilst this leads to more power and fuel effeciencies, the disadvantage over time is carbon build up in the valves which impact: throttle reponse, rough idle and power gains. We recommend a Walnut Blast for all vehicles over 60,000kms and here at Advan, we have the facilities to do so! 







We offer our tuning facilities to all platforms to get the most out of your pride and joy, whether it's a piggyback or a flash tune we test all cars on the dyno to make sure it's operating as it should before it leaves the door.

Our Dyno facilities are always available even outside of tuning and is a great wat to diagnose problems without having to be out on the road to test them.

It's not uncommon to retrofit your car with an upgraded option that you didn't orginally have, and we have done many upgrades to things like steering wheels, interior trim, tail lights, in car entertainment upgrades, reverse cameras and much more..

Feel free to contact us to receive an experienced quote from the team who have actually done the job before.






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