Advan performance 135i N54/N55 "Stage 1" Oil Cooler kit

Far beyond the other kits that are available on the market.From the use of a Setrab (15 row) "Extra-wide" cooler that has 2.82 x the core volume of the BMW OE cooler, the choice of Aeroflow 550 Series "Full-Flow" competition spec -10 AN fittings throughout, the installation of a -10 AN oil thermostat housing adapter, to both the custom mounting bracket and M22 to -10 AN (90 degree hose-ends) that places both the Stage 1 & Stage 2 cores in the ideal position to maximise the heat transfer potential, of the high efficiency Setrab core.Our Stage 1 kit is intended for street use where spirited driving is the norm or for a vehicle where back to back passes at the drag strip see oil temps rise beyond 125 degrees Celsius.



Whilst not pictured, all the fittings & hose ends used in our current kit are Areoflow 550 Series "Full-Flow" competition spec units.

The two images below show the billet aluminium -10 AN oil thermostat housing adapter, as installed on a customer's vehicle. This adapter allows us to retain the use of the BMW OEM oil thermostat (which is ideal for our Stage 1 kit), whilst ensuring an unrestricted flow of oil to and from the Setrab cooler, with the use of -10 AN full-flow fittings and hose.

Both the Stage 1 (15 row) & Stage 2 (20 row) oil coolers kits were designed around the M-Sport front bumper. As such the fabrication of the mounting bracket and core choice, was carefully considered to ensure maximum heat transfer capability, from the high efficiency Setrab cores.

The below pic illustrates the Stage 1 oil cooler, as mounted behind the M-Sport front bar.


We have retained the use of the BMW OEM thermostat, oil flow to and from the Setrab cooler is achieved by the use of a -10 AN oil thermostat housing adapter, - 10 AN oil line and -10 AN hose ends and fittings throughout.



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