Nashin 135i/335i "355/324 mm Floating rotor, Billet Forged caliper" BBK

Which are mated to G5 (6 piston) & G3 (4 piston) calipers respectively.The rotor's themselves are are made of a steel alloy which has been specially coated to increase oxidation resistance, hence the unique colour of the rotor surface. Both front and rear rotors are heavily ventilated (with the front being curved vane) and have of thickness of 32 mm and 24 mm respectively.They can also be supplied "cross drilled" if you desire, but we do not recommend this option for the serious track day enthusiast.


As apposed to the N-Series caliper which are a cast Mono-block unit, all the G-Series calipers are "Billet Forged" aluminium and are supplied pre-loaded with Nashin's "Sport" brake pads.

The G-Series calipers are Nashin's competition spec caliper, they feature an internally routed fluid passage and four layers of heat resistant nanotech coating.

Given that they are a billet forged component the caliper is inherently more rigid, than Nashin's Mono-block cast units.

Not to say that the N-Series calipers are lacking in rigidity, but the forged calipers are just that much better again and will flex less, provide more consistent pad to rotor contact pressure and a pedal that is somewhat firmer, under extreme braking conditions.


The below image illustrates the 3 pad compounds that are compatible with the Nashin N-Series calipers.

However the G-Series calipers are recommended for use with Sport and Competition pads only. The service life of Sport pads are quoted at 15,000 - 20,000 km. The Competition pads are quoted at 10,000 km.


N.B. the pad life I have quoted above is based upon spirited driving, it's NOT indicative of normal street use.You could expect as much as 30,000 - 40,000 km from the Sport pads under normal driving conditions.


The operating temps of the Sport pads are 50 - 550 degrees Celsius and 50 - 650 degrees Celsius respectively. The Competition pads perform optimally between 270 - 800 degrees Celsius.


The pad dusting level is quoted as being low to moderate for Sport and as you would expect from a Competition pad with a lot of bite, dust level is quite high.


One of our shop-cars a 335i is running Sport pads with a 380/345 mm Nashin BBK, from what I have seen the dusting of the wheels is not that bad at all.

Lastly the BBK includes all the necessary high strength mounting brackets and fasteners for both front and rear rotors, as well as teflon lined brake lines, that are sleeved with a double layer of stainless steel.



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